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Picton Parrot Designs is a small graphic and web design agency located in the Gippsland town of Drouin. We primarily service WarragulPakenhamTraralgon and surrounding areas.

Beginning in 2016, Picton Parrot Designs has worked with a number of clients in both the Gippsland and Melbourne regions and beyond. We primarily work with small to medium-sized businesses who are developing their brand, be it for the first time or as part of a re-branding. At Picton Parrot Designs we are always excited to discuss new opportunities and are open to working with businesses and individuals around the world.

The name, Picton Parrot Designs originated from owner Stef’s pet Indian Ringneck Parrot, Django (named after the film, Django Unchained). Picton is a shade of light blue similar to Django’s colouring, so the name is a variation of Blue Parrot Designs.

Often we work with charity organisations, providing them with graphic and web design services. We assist them in developing a professional brand and website at a discounted rate. We believe professional, consistent branding is key to growing any business, including not-for-profits. Our goal is to make sure all registered Australian charities have access to these services at an affordable rate. If you’d like to enquire please contact us.

Picton Parrot Designs aims to deliver products that our clients are 100% happy with. Often working with businesses or individuals who have had web or design work done previously and were unsatisfied with the outcome. We believe you should be 100% happy with the product you are paying for and are determined to deliver on that promise every time.

Django Visentin

Big Boss
With little to no design experience, Django’s role at Picton Parrot Designs consists mostly of squawking in your ear if you won’t share your lunch with him, and standing on the keyboard when you’re trying to write up website content. Mostly we keep him around as someone to chat to, though his conversational skills are lacking and usually you end up being repeatedly asked “what are you doing?” until you get fed up and shoo him away. He’s a valued member of the team.

Fun facts about Django:

Favourite colour: Picton blue (bonus: parrots are not colour blind)
Favourite movie: Django Unchained
Favourite food: Whatever you’re eating
Favourite animal: Himself
Favourite activity: Sky diving

Stefani Visentin

Graphic & Web Designer
Raised in the Gippsland town of Drouin, Stef has grown up with a passion for all forms of art and design. From creating “family newsletters” and cartoons as a child, to eventually pursuing a career in graphic and web design. Stef loves working with small and local businesses and regularly designs for local animal rescues. If you have a project you’d like to discuss, please give her a call on 0423 544 786 or email stef@pictonparrot.com.au.

Fun facts about Stef:

Favourite colour: Picton blue
Favourite movie: Titanic
Favourite food: Popcorn
Favourite animal: Birds & horses
Favourite activity: Horse riding

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